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Currently there is no UK football team. The reason for this is the origins of football itself; find this at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Kingdom_national_football_team

Just for a moment consider Brazil, Germany, Italy or any other of the major footballing nation putting forward 4 teams for the World Cup, it would not be a surprise that they would rarely get success. But for fans of the 'beautiful game' in the UK we have had to suffer years of hurt, because we dilute and divide our chances of winning, by doing exactly that.

You may say that all the talent is within your own home nation, England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, but we believe that we are stronger together. Britain and Northern Ireland will compete in the 2012 Olympics, but in Rugby (The British Lions), and most other sports we take part as one nation, so why can't we manage this for our national sport? Even if this was only administered as a series of 'friendlies' like the Brish Lions, it could only add to the excitement which is football.

Such a national football team in the past could have had George Best playing with Bobby Charlton, Kenny Dalglish with Gary Lineker and more recently Ryan Giggs with Wayne Rooney.

UK FA is the official organisation for the UK national football team and it is working closely with all home football associations, not to remove the opportunity for the home countries to exist, but to give the chance for players and fans to have a national team capable of playing as one country together. 

Football United - because as a nation, we work better together.